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Welcome to the Pepper Technology Group (PTG) website where you will find useful information, delicious recipes, and fascinating facts about our most colourful, diverse and tasty of UK fruits (yes, peppers are a fruit!). Peppers can be split into two main groups - chilli's and sweet peppers – with over thirty varieties recorded to date.

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A vast array of sizes, flavours and colours make up the Capsicum genus of plant - from the deliciously sweet Romano pepper sprucing up a summer salad, to a fiery Hungarian Hot Wax chilli in your favourite curry. Such versatility and variety have given peppers their well-earned place as a staple ingredient in today's British cuisine.

There are numerous health benefits associated with our colourful mealtime companions too, including high levels of vitamin A and C and very few calories.

The sweet, mild taste of bell peppers is a favourite with kids, and the bright colours are a great way of enticing children to enjoy a healthy meal or snack. Our kids’ corner has some fun recipes for children of all ages to try, and some great games to play too. As one of the UK’s most popular fruit vegetables, pepper growers are leading the way with sustainable growing techniques to bring ever more tasty peppers to our supermarkets. New methods include water recirculation, bio pesticides, and utilising CO2 as a bi product. For the latest updates on the wonderful world of peppers, visit our Latest News and Events page, or contact us for more information.




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